Resonera mera!

Swedish fiddles with sympathetic strings

About me

My name is Jon Magnusson, born 1980 in Sollentuna outside Stockholm. I've played the violin since childhood and almost only swedish folk music. In our home we had a book about the folk music from Småland and Öland and on it's cover is a picture of a violin neck with eight sympathetic strings. ("Bulan"). I think I've always had in mind that some day I will have such a fiddle and during the fall of 2008 I completed one which I built myself. About the same time I started to do research about these fiddles since I was curious and wanted to be able to answer questions about them. This eventually turned into a blog and this web page. Since then the activity on the site and the blog has varied but this is probably a lifelong project and you never know when new info turns up.

This project is done in my spare time and without financial support. If you wish to contribute, information is what I like most. Maybe you know of some related instruments in your country, have pictures, know a museum which has violins with sympathetic strings etc. If you are a native english speaker you could also help me to correct language errors, just email info [at] resoneramera [dot] se

If you have information about fiddles with sympathetic strings that you like to share with me please email info [at] resoneramera [dot] se

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  • notes for more than 1500 tunes
  • automatic creation of pdf files
  • playable midi files

with the world championships for student folk big bands!