Svenska fioler med resonanssträngar

About me

My name is Jon Magnusson and trough older sources and information from reader I have gathered data about Swedish violins with sympathetic strings and created this website. I live in Uppsala but grew up in Sollentuna just outside Stockholm and in my house we had a notebook called Folkmusik från Småland och Öland by Magnus Gustafsson. There is a picture of the neck from a double-decker on the cover of the book and I appreciated the aestethics of this instrument with it's lion head with crooked teeth and a long tongue. I think I have had some kind of plan to build a violin similar to this since I was a child. I started to build my first violin in 2003 but the plan was to build a standard violin first and later build a fiddle with sympathetic strings. The project stretched over several years and when it was time to start with the neck I had changed my mind and I thought that it might be smart to build a fiddle with sympathetic strings as a first project since it would then not compete with the instruments I already had, it would instead be something different and maybe useful regardless of the quality. I also made some basic research about Swedish violins with sympathetic strings and started a blog to record my findings. Some people found the blog which inspired me to more research and after a while people contacted and told me they had interesting instruments. Now, more than a decade later we all know much more about Swedish fiddles with sympathetic strings thanks to all contribution from interested readers. Nowadays there is also an active facebook group where most of the discussion on the subject take place. Just search for fioler med resonanssträngar


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