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Swedish fiddles with sympathetic strings


Doubledecker is a slightly humourous name of a type of fiddles with four regular strings and eight sympathetic strings where the pegs are placed in a two level pegbox. The model is currently only found in Sweden and was most popular during the 18:th century. It is uncertain how common these instruments were and about ten instruments are known or preserved until today. I have given the instruments names to make identification easier but it is important to state that these names are not official. Here is a geographic overview of were the doubledeckers are found, built or where there are other references to them:

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  • Notes
  • Blue - Place for construction of a doubledecker
  • Red - Place with an historical reference to an instrument
  • Green - Place where a doubledecker is stored today
  • Yellow - Place with a reference to a doubledecker in literature or similar
  • The pink area are the places in Norway where the hardingfele traditionally is played

If you have information about fiddles with sympathetic strings that you like to share with me please email info [at] resoneramera [dot] se

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