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Swedish fiddles with sympathetic strings

Other swedish understringed fiddles

Several texts about swedish understringed fiddles mentions that such instruments with four sympathetic strings has been the most common. In my studies I haven't found so many such fiddles, just one on the Stockholm Music Museum and one in Värmland. Because of the lack of source material it is hard to say where and when these instruments has been built, how common they were and if they are related to the norwegian hardanger fiddles. According to one article that deals with this subject, these instruments are more likely a result of individual experiments to change the sound of violins by adding sympathetic strings than a common trend. Some sources mentions these fiddles, for instance Svenska Låtar Sörmland (Svenska Låtar is a swedish tune collection from the early 20:th century) and the fiddler Johan Dahl from Småland is also supposed to have had a fiddle with four sympathetic strings.

If you have information about fiddles with sympathetic strings that you like to share with me please email info [at] resoneramera [dot] se

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