Svenska fioler med resonanssträngar

Photo: Qaryn Eng

This violin is built in the early 1900s by Carl-Henrik Friberg, Västmanland. He seems to have been a good friend to Tobias Norlind, who was the director for the Stockholm music museum and that might be an explanation to his interest for violins with sympathetic strings, a very uncommon passion in his time. The Swedish museum of performing arts (formerly known as the Stockholm music museum) have two other instruments built by Friberg, this one and this one.

Photo: Qaryn Eng

TypeFiddle with sympathetic strings
LuthierCarl Henrik Friberg
Found in
Playing strings4
Sympathetic strings4
Other instruments built by Carl Henrik FribergSkultunafiolen
Other instruments with the same number of sympathetic stringsAdolf LarssonDubbeldäckad hardingGöraHellandLumiereTenorviolinen M132SkultunafiolenLångalmaKrokekenSkomakare Hellgren

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