Svenska fioler med resonanssträngar

In the section about Carl F Persson, Stora Malm parish, in Svenska Låtar Södermanland there is a passage where Persson answers which other folk musicians he knows from his home area. The interview does not state which time this means but due to the fact that Persson hade moved I assume they are talking about past times or when he was a kid. Persson was born in 1864 and probably the musicians he talks about are born a few decades before him. Person states: "A shoemaker Hellgren had eight strings on his fiddle, half of them were drone strings and placed under the fingerboard and the tailpiece. There are no other facts about this violin but it is interesting that he explains that the sympathetic strings are placed under the fingerboard. I suspect this means that the sympathetic strings were attached to pins next to the end pin, and not in the finger board. Given the discovery of several double-deckers with four sympathetic strings (e.g. Långalmafiolen) it is not possible to tell what type of fiddle this is, it might be a double-decker or a fiddle with a single plane pegbox. It is not very far from Stora Malm to Krokek) where a double-decker with four symptathetic strings was found.

NameSkomakare Hellgren
Found inStora Malm, Södermanland
Playing strings4
Sympathetic strings4
Other instruments with the same number of sympathetic stringsAdolf LarssonDubbeldäckad hardingGöraHellandFribergLumiereTenorviolinen M132SkultunafiolenLångalmaKrokeken

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