Svenska fioler med resonanssträngar

This is not a real instrument but a painting by the well known church painter Pehr Hörberg, who was born in Virestad in Småland but later moved to Östergötland. The painting is a still life containing a few sheets of musical notes, a violin and a bow. The violin does not have sympathetic strings but the tulip shaped intarsia on fingerboard and tailpiece which is common on many double-deckers. Hörberg was not only a painter but also a fiddle player himself and he composed a quite well known christmas polska and wrote the notes to the often played Pigopolskan on the back of an altarpiece. It is not known whether the painted violin is Hörbergs own or another instrument that he has seen.

LuthierPehr Hörberg
Found inFinspång, Östergötland
Playing strings4
Sympathetic strings0

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