Svenska fioler med resonanssträngar

I have no photos of this violin built by Arwit Rönnegren but you can find pictures in Kulturens (a museum i Lund) yearbook from 1939, page 38 and in Anne Nilssons book Fioler. The violin have no sympathetic strings but a lions head and intarsia similar to Rönnegrens other instruments, among them double-deckers. The violin is labelled "Arwit rönnegren i kattarp i lugede herat anno 1737" and the late year of construction is a little surprising since some of other Rönnegrens earlier works are of better quality (e.g. Bostongamban). Rönnegren died the year he built this violin but was not extremely old, 57 years, but he might have been sick in some way. The violin is not of bad quality but some earlier works are better./p>

Arwit Rönnegren

Arwit (also Arved, Arwitt) Rönnegren lived in Kattarp just outside Ängelholm but unfortunately he is rather unknown despite his impressive work. You can find Arfved Röngren and Rungren in church records and there is a note with the text "Arwit Rönnegren i Katarp i Lugede Herat anno 1737" in one of his violins. Spelling was rather flexible at this time and many people spelled their own name in different ways in different occasions. Arwit was born around 1680 and is about 10 years older than Johannes (Johan) Georg Mohte. The instrument built by these two luthiers are quite similar and they have probably had some kind of collaboration. According to Bengt Nilssons Svensk fiolbyggarkonst they were inprisoned in Russia togehter and Bengt believes that Rönnegren just like Mohte aquired his professional skills there. Rönnegrens wife Anna Gabrielsdotter was 22 years older than Arwit but both of them died in 1737 when Anna was 79 and Arwit 57. Despite this, Arwit managed to remarry after the death of Anna, and had a son with 31 year old Hanna Ingemansdotter. However Arwit died before Hanna gave birth to Arfved Arvedson 19th of May 1738.

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LuthierArwit Rönnegren
OriginKattarp, Skåne
Found inKulturen, Lund, Skåne
Playing strings4
Sympathetic strings0
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